Cheryl SmithWith the advent of computer technology, Cheryl Smith discovered new adventures and roads to explore in Web design, computer illustration and digital photography.

After three of her four children grew up and either married or became more independent, she found she had the time to develop and put her new-found interests to work by building and maintaining Web sites for a small client base, creating on-line software tutorials for Seniors, illustrating The Really, Really, Really Easy Computer Book 1 based on Windows 98, and then co-writing and illustrating Computer Book 2 (Windows 98), and Computer Books 1 and 2 (Windows XP).

Cheryl co-wrote, illustrated and provided the photography for four other books in the series, Really, Really, Really Easy Digital Photography, Really, Really, Really Easy Guide to Creating Your Family Tree, Really Guide to Building Your Owe Website and Really Easy Guide to Online Buying and Selling

Cheryl, her husband Paul and their youngest son, Joshua, live in British Columbia, Canada.

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