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Having only been computer literate since January of this year (I am one of those nearly fifty-something technophobics) I felt I had to email you to say your books are fantastic. Having purchased various books before coming across yours and finding them very confusing to say the least, I would recommend them to anyone who like me found computers very daunting. In fact, I would say they have helped me overcome my fears. The step by step pictures and tasks set are easy to understand and very informative.

Thanks again.

Debbie ~ UK
I have recently purchased books 1 & 2. When I say that I was computer illiterate I do not exaggerate, but your books have made me feel like a genius. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Rosemary ~ UK now living in Spain

I will be 82 nbd. I retired after close on 18 years as staff trainer, sales and office, in the largest S.A. life assurance office. I am not implying that I am an expert on the subject. However during my working life I was subjected to a vast array of training methods and material. Your volumes 1 and 2 have prompted me to say thank you for a really really really superb learning experience.

Vic ~ South Africa
My wife really enjoyed learning how to use her new laptop with your "The Really, Really, Really Easy Step by Step computer book".

Colin ~ New Zealand
After learning from various classes and not always being able to absorb a lot of information during the last 2 years,I was not too proud to buy your book for absolute beginners. Being an oldie!  I found I have learnt more in the week I have owned it than many other books or tutors. My son in law who is just starting also can follow it.  Thank you.

Marjorie ~ New Zealand
Mastering the basics of switching on and using a computer; producing quality documents; using, organizing and managing e-mail/internet features and then finally making some basic decisions in selecting hardware empowers even the most computer illiterate among us. A most empowering book which I highly recommend to Industries involved in doing Adult Based Education. The KISS principle as carried throughout the whole book. Keeping It So Simple...

NB. ~ Pretoria, South Africa
I'm very pleased to write you my letter and to tell you that I became good at computer through your BOOK (The really Easy Step by Step Computer) but I have got some problem about the language, and for that, I would like to ask you if it is possible to make an other one in French? I'm speaking from D.R of Congo. Thanks!

JR ~ D.R. of Congo
Thank you for the Book titled: The Really Really Easy Computer Book. I have found it to be one of the very easiest and comprehensive kind of books. It is easy to follow. Thank you so much. I'm still learning through the book and this is my first message to you. It is your book that made me have an Email address. And I do visit Internet Cafes nowadays because of your Book. Keep It up! Thank You.

Hi. Could you please tell me if there is a follow up book ~ book 2 for example. Loved the book 1. Found it very easy to follow. Look forward to hearing from you

Margaret H.
As very aged absolute beginners, my wife and I would wish to congratulate you for producing what is unquestionably, the most lucid computer book for beginners, on the market today. Congratulations. Question: is it on sale in Switzerland, in the German language? Thank you.

E and AC
Gavin:  Just to say thank you to you and Cheryl and Robynn for the really, really really easy step by step computer books one and two. The title says it all.  It really does do what it says on the covers. My daughter bought computer book one for my husband for Christmas; he had never touched a computer before and he soon started doing the exercises in the book and was very pleased with himself that by following each step by step he felt he could cope and looked forward to getting a computer (he had tried the book out on my daughter's laptop). He thought he would never be able to use a computer as he had been a builder and never worked in an office, but this book really gave him confidence.

We now have our own computer and I ordered the second book, computer book 2, which I now have. I had used a computer before just for word processing in my place of work, but did not know a lot about the Internet.  I have found the books to be so helpful and easy to follow. They are worded so nicely that you really feel that you have a friend there to help you. I have read a few computer books and these are easily the best. Thank you once again.

Kathleen ~ U.K.
Geagte Skeppers van die Really....boeke, Ek hoop ek kan maar in Afrikaans skryf... sal makliker kan s wat ek graag wil s! In 2004 het ek in ons plaaslike biblioteek die Afrikaanse uitgawe van die eerste boek ontmoet. Wat 'n ommekeer in my gesukkel met my ou rekenaar wat my dogter vir my opgegradeer het! Maar ek het besef dat die Engelse weergawe meer gebruikers vriendelik is omdat alles op die rekenaar tog in Engels is. Dit was 'n fees! en ek het summier besluit my familie wat almal soos ek rondom 75 jaar is, moet dit as Kersgeskenk kry!

Ons een seun het na Amerika verhuis en laas November besluit hulle om vir my 'n splinternuwe rekenaar te gee.... ook met die oog op gebruik met Webcam en Skype. My geliefde oue met 98 op, het ek vir 'n nefie gegee vir wie ek baie lief is. Wat 'n ramp! Nie die geskenk van die 98 een nie, maar hierdie XPHome wat my al teen die dak wou uitdrywe. Nadat ons twee jaar gelede reeds ons goue bruilof gevier het, het daar nou ewe skielik dreigende donderwolke verskyn. My man was moedeloos, ek was moedeloos, my seun in Atlanta was moedeloos. Lg. het sover gegaan om een Saterdagmiddag vir my 'n praktiese lesing te gee....Hy voor sy rekenaar en ek voor myne! Maar as jy 75 is klink alles op 'n kol maklik, maar jy vergeet dit tog so gou!

Gisteraand haal ek my Really Easy boeke uit, en ek gaan in op julle webtuiste. Siedaar! 'n Reddingsboei, 'n reddingstou soos Ragab van Jerigo se rooi tou: 'n Nuwe boek is net laasweek uitgegee: Reallyeasy .....XP!!!!

Ek het vanoggend Exclusive Books geskakel..... die mannetjie s nee, hy kry dit nie op hulle stelsel nie! Maar hierdie tannie laat haar nie afskrik nie. Ek was op my dag 'n bibliotekaresse en ken die waarde van ISBNs. Gaan soek weer die webtuiste op en gewapen met die ISBN en Struik as uitgewer, skakel ek hulle weer. Hierdie keer kom ek by 'n dame uit, wat gehoor het van my navraag. Sy neem die besonderhede en my bestelling is geplaas! As ek nou 'n bietjie meer bedrewe was, kon ek hom by bestel het. Maar ek glo Exclusive Books (Pavillion) sal my binnekort bel. Hulle was nog altyd staatmakers!

(Ek moes my kleindogter se raad vra oor hoe om via 'n webtuiste 'n epos te stuur!)

Baie geluk en baie dankie!!!!!!

Isabel ~ Pinetown


Dear Creators of the Really....boeke

I hope you don't mind me writing in Afrikaans it will be so much easier to say what I want to say!

In 2004 we got to know the Afrikaans version of the first book in our local library. What a turnaround in my struggle with my old computer that my daughter had upgraded for me! But I realised that the English version was more user-friendly because everything on computer is in English anyway. It was great! and I decided right then and there that my family, who are all about 75 like me, should receive it as a Christmas present!

Our one son moved to America and last November they decided to give me a brand new computer also in view of using Webcam and Skype. My beloved old machine with 98 on it I gave to a nephew whom I love very much. What a disaster! Not the gift of the 98, but this new XPHome, which was driving me mad! After already celebrating our golden wedding anniversary two years ago, suddenly ominous storm clouds were brewing. My husband was disheartened, I was disheartened, my son in Atlanta was disheartened. My son even went so far as to give me a practical lecture one Saturday afternoon he in front of his computer and I in front of mine! But when you're 75, everything sounds easy, but you forget it so quickly!

Last night I took out my Really Easy books and went onto your web site. Lo and behold! A lifebuoy, a lifeline like Rahab of Jericho's red rope: a new book had just been published last week: Reallyeasy XP!!!!

I phoned Exclusive Books this morning the young man said, no, he couldn't find it on their system! But this old lady wouldn't be put off. In my day I was a librarian and I know the value of ISBNs. I went onto the web site again and, armed with the ISBN and Struik as the publisher, I called Exclusive Books again. This time I spoke to a lady who had heard about my enquiry. She took down my details and placed my order! If I was a bit more proficient, I could've ordered it on, but I believe Exclusive Books (Pavilion) will phone me soon. They've always been reliable!

(I had to ask my granddaughter how to send an e-mail via a web site thought I could just use the www address)

Congratulations and many thanks!

Isabel ~ Pinetown

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